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Asbestos Removal in Long Beach, New York

If you suspect that your home or business could have asbestos, let the professionals at BGT Asbestos Removal do the inspection, testing and remediation for you. We're an experienced remediation company specializing in asbestos removal for commercial and residential properties. It's our mission to help homeowners, business owners and contractors find common-sense and cost-effective solutions for any asbestos problem.

Asbestos Removal- Asbestos Removal in East Atlantic Beach, NY
Our company serves New York City, Long Beach and the surrounding suburbs. We offer services such as encapsulation asbestos removal and re-insulation for homes and businesses. If you're considering the purchase or sale of a residential or commercial property, our services can help you gather the information you need in order to make an informed decision about the property's safety and condition. Our staff also performs free site visits and prompt written estimates. When we visit your home or business, we'll provide you with a detailed report of our findings. If we do detect any asbestos, we'll describe its location, amount and condition. Our staff will also recommend abatement and remediation services.
Our asbestos removal services and asbestos testing procedures help to enhance your safety and health. We guarantee our work, and we'll answer any questions that you have during the inspection, testing and remediation process. Call BGT Asbestos Removal today at (718) 615-1551 to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection of your residential or commercial property.