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Asbestos Services in Long Beach, New York

When you're in need of an experienced asbestos testing company to come out to your home or business, let BGT Asbestos Removal be your first choice. We're a locally owned and operated asbestos removal company that cares about your safety and health. By offering thorough asbestos inspection and consulting services, our staff is able to help you be informed about the condition of your home or business and make decisions about asbestos and insulation removal.
Asbestos Roof- Asbestos Removal in East Atlantic Beach, NY
We offer cost-effective and common-sense solutions for all types of asbestos issues. Since 2001, our staff has provided commercial and residential removal of asbestos insulation from attics, basements and plumbing. When we come out to your home or business, we begin with an inspection and informational consultation. We do the asbestos testing on the same visit. Once we have the asbestos testing results, we'll contact you and provide you with our recommendations for insulation removal or encapsulation. Our staff takes the time to inform you of the advantages of each method of asbestos remediation so that you can make the best choice for your particular situation.
At BGT Asbestos Removal, our goal is to provide every customer with exceptional asbestos testing and remediation services. We've built a solid reputation for helping our customers understand more about their homes and buildings. Our staff consistently goes above and beyond the expectations of our clients. Contact us today at (718) 615-1551 to get a free estimate or to schedule an on-site consultation with a member of our team.